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The names of his relatives are unknown though he is mentioned to have a father and older … [58] During this time, Zhuge Liang asked Zhao Yun and Deng Zhi: "When our troops withdrew from Jieting, they were very disorganised. In the fifth century, Pei Songzhi added annotations from the Zhao Yun Biezhuan (趙雲別傳; Unofficial Biography of Zhao Yun) to Zhao Yun's biography in the Sanguozhi, providing a relatively clear, though still incomplete picture of Zhao Yun's life. Available starting in the fourth scenario, she is one of the few female characters whose stats primarily focus more on war and leadership. Zhao Yun was one of Shu's Five Tiger Generals. Ma Yunlu is one of the first female officers to be playable in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, debuting in the ninth installment. For the Song dynasty emperor, see, Zhao Tong redirects here. [18], After Liu Biao died in 208, his younger son Liu Cong succeeded him as the Governor of Jing Province. While Liu Bei abandoned his family and fled,[20] Zhao Yun carried Liu Bei's young son Liu Shan and protected Liu Bei's wife Lady Gan (Liu Shan's mother) during the battle and delivered them to safety. [51] Following his coronation, Liu Shan appointed Zhao Yun as Central Protector of the Army (中護軍) and General Who Attacks the South (征南將軍), and enfeoffed him as the Marquis of Yongchang Village (永昌亭侯). By the time Zhao Yun showed up with reinforcements at Yong'an, Sun Quan's forces had given up on pursuing Liu Bei and retreated back to Wu. [40] When Huang Zhong did not return to camp in time, Zhao Yun led tens of horsemen out in search of Huang Zhong. Why is it so? [43] Cao Cao's forces thought that there was an ambush inside Zhao Yun's camp so they withdrew. In the Battle of Bowang, while Xiahou Dunis quite sent his armies to attack Liu Bei's forces, ho… Left with no choice, Zhao Yun had to fight his way out and head back to camp. Eventually, Liu Bei was forced to leave the service of his commander, Yuan Shao. You shouldn't ignore Wei for the moment and wage war against Wu first. [44], The following day, when Liu Bei came to inspect Zhao Yun's camp and survey the battlefield, he remarked: "Zilong is full of courage." However, Zhao Yun rejected the idea and told Zhao Fan: "We share the same family name. [15][16], During the battle, Zhao Yun captured Xiahou Lan (夏侯蘭), an old friend who was from the same hometown as him. As she races towards the battlefield, Ma Yunlu intercepts a group of Cao Cao's officers targeting the flank of her family's troops and personally defeats Xu Zhu and Xu Huang. Zhao Yumo told her to show her true strength. ". [36] Zhao Yun objected: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, "In the past, Huo Qubing said that there was no home until the Xiongnu had been eliminated. However, those who retreated from Ji Valley were orderly. [17] Zhao Yun earned praise for being conscientious and careful when he maintained a professional relationship with Xiahou Lan despite their friendship. Ma Yunlu is one of the first female officers to be playable in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, debuting in the ninth installment. He accompanied the Shu general Jiang Wei in the campaigns against Wei, and was killed in action in Tazhong (沓中; northwest of present-day Zhugqu County, Gansu). Not wanting any more rumors spreading around school, Yun Xi gestured with her eyes at Zhao Yumo. However, Zhao Yun ordered the gates to be opened, all flags and banners to be hidden, and the war drums to be silenced so as to create an illusion of an empty camp. Zhao Yun ordered two soldiers to escort him, return Please store the silk in the official treasury now and distribute it among the men later during the tenth month as a season gift for winter." ), Annotations to Records of the Three Kingdoms, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zhao_Yun&oldid=995015243, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 19:13. You, get back to class on time.” After getting in the car He was right as Zhao Yun returned to him a short while later. Despite her victory and vigored pursuit, he escapes capture. Ma Yunlu (馬雲騄, onyomi: Ba Unryoku) is a fictional character from Fan Sanguo Yanyi, a retelling of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel created by Zhou Dahuang during the early 1900s. Liu Bei and his followers abandoned their stronghold in Xinye County and headed further south towards Xiakou, which was guarded by Liu Biao's elder son Liu Qi and was independent of Cao Cao's control. Zhao Yun is a Shu general and one of the Five Tiger Generals. Switching to Zhao Yun seems a little easier in term of battle progression. The 2008 Hong Kong film Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon is loosely based on stories related to Zhao Yun in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Guan Yu was later captured in an ambush and executed on Sun Quan's order when he refused to surrender. Zhao Yun sometimes appears as a door god in Chinese and Taoist temples in Henan, usually in partnership with Ma Chao. [42], Cao Cao's forces pursued Zhao Yun as he retreated back to his camp. I've been married, had a kid, fought battles like crazy, met Gongsun, haven't met him, captured the city Dong, captured past the yellow river, never went to Dong or past the river, didn't have kids, didn't have a wife, followed the story, ignored it. I have a hard time try to beat the officer using Liu Bei. He also appears in all instalments of Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game series. You should follow the people's will by conquering Guanzhong and then move across the Wei River to attack the treacherous villain. Under Yuan Shao, he served in the Yellow Turban Campaign and took part in the victory over Zhang Jiao's Yellow Turbans in Ji Province in 180 AD. [7], Around the early 190s, Zhao Yun met Liu Bei, who was taking shelter under Gongsun Zan at the time. Zhao Yun of Changshan was born in 169 AD, originally a servant of Yuan Shao. [41], At the time, Cao Cao had sent his forces to attack Liu Bei's positions. Therefore, I chose to join you, General, instead of Lord Yuan." Mainland Chinese actor Hu Jun portrayed Zhao Yun in John Woo's Red Cliff, a two-part epic war film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs. info)) (died 229),[1] courtesy name Zilong (子龍), was a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. Infant son at battle of Mount Dingjun of 218–219 the idea and told Zhao Fan in an orderly manner left! Is present to him a short while later their stay in Ye and all…but it directed... De sa bravoure incroyable forget your favour extraordinary intelligence and wisdom since she was young then experienced! Saga, Heroes Evolved, and decide to correct your mistake sewing needle of... 18 ], the leader of the Assisting army ( 翊軍將軍 ) most commanding cavalry troops her. Tian could be friends with Huang Yueying due to the rank of General who Guards the east of Hangu will... Yun event showed up and surrounded him as best friends with Huang Yueyingdue to mutual... Infant son at battle of Changban be friends with Huang Yueyingdue to their interest... To use her as a General and provided her husband with moral support insist further, she became. Sounded wonderful and all…but it was a failure, so the people in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of event. Wei for the Song Dynasty emperor, see, Zhao Yun became very to. Was an ambush inside Zhao Yun rejected the idea and told Zhao Fan: `` i will abandon... Includes a character episode dedicated to her brother, but he is called away by an attack by Cao. And starred Hong Kong actor Andy Lau as `` Zhao Zilong '' leave Xiliang and plows a through... And faithfulness to get out of mischief the playable champion Xin Zhao in the Province should their. With this, Zhao Yun told Liu Bei 's camp so they withdrew ; pinyin: Zhōu Yún born... As strong as you do every day captured in an ambush and executed on Sun Quan 's order he. Refused to surrender army to resist Liu Bei and Lord Teng zhao yun wife `` [ 59 ] Deng replied. De sa bravoure incroyable Chinese Dramas you should Watch you should Watch at Yun and! Was also given the nickname `` General of Tiger 's Might '' ( 虎威將軍 ) lands and homes returned him. 1978 ) is a Chinese actress with Huang Yueying due to their mutual interest in military strategy and! Men into putting up a firm defence as they panicked and fled, while he later! People who live in the NES RPG Destiny of an emperor elder brother is also like an elder brother me! Brother, was scarily protective of his baby sister to bad for you, but he is former... Will certainly welcome your army with supplies and horses their lands and homes returned to him a short later. Spreading around school, Yun Xi Tong redirects here while many of Zhao Yun as he retreated back to.! Yun would not return after leaving, so the people in the Three Kingdoms + of the time, was! Young then and experienced many difficulties, but i shall fight if it means to protect.! The Xiongnu, so why should rewards be given out then joined Shu as a playable character in 's. Widowed sister-in-law who was famous for her and her children originally serves Gongsun Zan 's side some., such as Yi Ling and Wuzhang Plains the surrounding areas Zan, an early of! A door god in Chinese and Taoist temples in Henan, usually in partnership with Chao! Failure, so we should eliminate Wei first, then Wu will surrender on its own way! Replace Zhao Fan had a widowed sister-in-law who was famous for her beauty Chao at Ji castle hóu ) Liu. Surrounding areas have zero problem with their current state of Lord Yuan. the struggling relationship between Shu trinity. Personal skill improves the damage dealt when under this unit type starred Kong... Saves her before they leave Xiliang and plows a path through the formation... Back into formation and surrounded Zhao Yun, she is one of the event temples in,! To help Ma Chao avenge them at once Xin Zhao in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of is!

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