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For example, imagine if I was comparing .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, should I use the same bullet weight or popular weights in their respective calibers? The recoil values are correct, however the 300 WBY properly and safely loaded in a 9.5 pounds rifle can go as high as 37 lbs. Our N150 is a slow burning powder, well suited to most common mid-sized cartridges . I appreciate the info your sharing. Latest. Is the .300 PRC smoke and mirrors or the REAL DEAL? What comparison would you like to see? People are getting even more than that with 28 inch barrels. Re: .300 PRC vs .300 Win #13378040 12/20/18: … They’ve used a 30-degree shoulder for headspacing, which according to Hornady aids in improved chamber … I happen to like it for the design and performance. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Arkel23, Nov 15, 2009. This is perhaps the closest to perfect any Fast Thirty gets. 300 PRC is essentially equal to the 300 win without the belt and nearly identical ballistics. I don’t shoot the .300Norma, or the .338 Lapua. The .30 caliber magnums are popular and for good reason, but bullet selection is vital to realize their full potential. Other then a magnum action, what do you see as the + or – of the 300 RUM? 200 gr. Best out of the box for both rifle and ammo I’ve seen in 69 years of hunting and shooting. I can come very close to a Rem Big Eight with ten grs less powder. If you’re upset that we didn’t use the same weight, that doesn’t make much sense to us. However, the power and reach come at a price: vicious recoil. The “Fast Thirties,” as famed gun writer Craig Boddington calls them, have always captivated hunters. Really love my ruger Precision in 338 lapua but the data does not lie and something that wont brake the body up as bad as the 338 yet produces I really want to try . However, modern cartridge and bullet design has come a long way. The 300 Win Mag is right around where you put it but it can also safely climb to 30 and 31 pounds of recoil. 300 ultra mag wins. I’m hearing all different twists ranging from 1-8 all the way up to 1-10 and every decimal point in between. Designed by Roy Weatherby in 1959 but not released to the market until 1996, the .30-378 is based on the .378 Weatherby’s enormous case necked down to accept .308 caliber bullets. The 300 Norma requires the same XL-sized action as the 338 Lapua Mag because of its large cartridge case and it recoils more than the 300 PRC. With the right bullet, the .30-378 approaches the .338 Lapua, and bullet choice is critical. Based on the results, the performance of the 300 PRC bridges the gap between the 338 Lapua and the 300 Norma. I just don’t think it’s worth the larger case/receiver needed. Never heard of a 225 gr berger hybrid. The 6.5 PRC has a 2.030″ case body length, while the 300 PRC is considerably longer, with a 2.580″ case body length (rim to case mouth). What a joke. I went through a similar decision except I never considered a 30-378 due to barrel life. All calculations were based on the heaviest Nosler AccuBond™ bullet available in factory loaded ammunition for each caliber, unless otherwise noted. Lighter rifles and ammunition means that a soldier can carry more ammo further. October, 2015 . The 300 prc will do the same. The author used the .300 PRC to take this Roland Ward reedbuck in South Africa. With a 200 grain bullet, it likely would have scored equal to or below the .300 Weatherby. I’m ok with it and will add a few guns to the safe over time. I was outspoken about questioning whether it was smart for the military to adopt it for the ASR program, 225gr Match-grade offering and a 215gr Hunting load, 5 Best AK-47 Rifles Under $800 [Budget AK-47 2020], How to Get a Class 3 Firearms License [2020], Glock 43X Review [2020 + Video] 9mm Single Stack CCW. Now I will be the odd man out that has never seen a huge difference in case design as far as performance. Its efficient case produces near .300 Weatherby performance. 30 Nosler). The.30-378 is truly a potent magnum cartridge, slightly more powerful than the.300 RUM with an edge of around 50-100fps though variations in individual rifles muddy the waters. Currently ADG is making 30 Nosler brass, but I think PRC will come soon as well. Ryan, appreciate the review. The average hovering between 33 and 35 pounds. of guiding). The 300 Norma handily beats the 300 PRC on ballistic performance. Mounted a Nightforce 4X14 SHV and off to the range. How does the 300 PRC compare to the 300 RUM? Are you also a fan of the 30 Nosler? I engaged steel targets out to 1,100 yards and was able to make hits. If you don’t like it write your own!. While you quickly, outwardly bash it upon grounds of banal minutia. When you compare box Lapua 300gr. AccuBond at 2800 fps. A 300 Win Mag will do very well for almost all applications. First, you could be an early adopter only to have the cartridge fade away and you’re left with a rifle for which you can’t find ammunition. Or, if there is ammo available, it’s expensive and hard to find. Everyone forgets my 50 bmg that has a higher ballistic then the 338 Lapua! The 68 .300 MV had to be pried out of the stock (Never have seen a rifle that fit so tight to a stock). The case dimensions and chamber are just begging for accuracy. It is not a good choice for light weight mountain rifles since the recoil would challenge even the most dedicated shooter. The other advantage of the 300 Norma is the ability to switch barrel with the 338lm if you wanted. Thanks for the updates and info on the 300 PRC. The 300 prc will do the same. I’ll add it. Let me know … Keep the podcast going by the way! loaded ammo they advertise the velocity at like 2723fps. Cartridge are like breast, different size and shape for everyone taste… Sent it. 2 of those groups under .5″ center to center, Average for all 5 groups .72″. However, the amount of butt-hurt I get over displaying actual data is entertaining to me. ADG = 101 gr. However for smaller action and non belted cartridge that keeps up… sounds like a decent cartridge to mass produce and keep MOST fellers happy. My thinking is that not many people are going to buy a 338 Lapua and shoot ballistically inferior ammo through it. Are you upset that they aren’t the same weight for comparison or that they aren’t different enough? You reference 24″ MRAD barrel. Both PRC cartridges are outstanding for wide-open country where wind and distance must be overcome. (L-R) .30-378 Weatherby, .300 Weatherby, .30-06. So designers turned to Roy Weatherby, who had earned his title of "King of High … The long range shooting community, in particular the military/tactical community has been chasing the great performance characteristics of high ballisitc coefficient 30 caliber projectiles as a great balance of aerodynamic performance, effect on target, and recoil. Sub 10lb with optics sporter from a bipod. Mag. The .300 Ultra Mag is known for lots of power along with minimal bullet drop and wind drift at extended range. and if indeed the 30 PRC beats out the 338 in energy and drop at long distances. PRC. To get the best performance out of these new bullets, they usually need to stick further out of the case which often exceeds the overall lengths allowed by older cartridges. That would be like giving your Hyundai and Corvette the same size engine. There’s a good reason that the 6.5 Creedmoor is the darling of many long range shooters (and now adopted by SOCOM). The short magnums, such as the .300 Winchester Short Magnum, were excluded from this test since they just duplicate their larger cased cousins’ performance but in short-action rifles. Also, the cartridge design is begging for the high ballistic coefficient bullets that will stick out longer due to their longer sleeker design. With that said, I can see why Carl was upset, and I can also see why you prefer the PRC. The smart design gets my vote every time because my prior precision machinist background seems to make me despise wasteful design. I personally shoot a 308 win. If I missed something earlier please forgive me, but where do you place the 300 RUM in this? Good Article Ryan! Each will average in the center of those listed windows. Finally, I’m solidly on the 6.5 Creedmoor bandwagon! I think what would show the capabilities in a comparison between like-cartridges (even though they really aren’t) and a straight comparison with the same projectile, say the 212 ELD-M. 300 PRC vs, 300 WM vs. 300 RUM vs 300 Norma. There are many magnum hunting cartridges, but those which use .30 caliber bullets are by far the most popular. While experimenting with armor plating made of various materials during the 1960s, the U.S. government needed to determine its resistance to damage by high-speed projectiles. 338 has better terminal ballistics, but if you aren’t in some sort of special forces unit or hunting elk at 1200 yards, 300 is the way to go. BULLET: Length, Wt., Design, BC… CASE: Design affects the way the powder burns, velocity, range, and accuracy… POWDER: the Perfect amount and Burn Rate to match the case bullet, and barrel length… We have back yard experts throwing apples and oranges at each other… Hornady has an R&D team working long hours, day in and day out designing and testing each load with a specific Purpose. I liked your article, I found it informative. The outfitter said he would rather see a 308 in camp that a 7mm mag. I'm going to be spec'ing out a custom hunting rifle with a non belted 30 cal and narrowed it down to 300 PRC or 30 Nosler. i see folks all the time jump right to the new "cool guy cartridge" and the same dudes get out done by a guy who knows his 308! As a note, Bartlein arguably makes the BEST barrels available. It is also a much smaller cartridge so it’s easier to carry and the rifle can be smaller and lighter. Canadian Sniper Set World Record for Longest Shot - Over 2 miles! The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .300 Weatherby Magnum vs .300 Winchester Magnum ammo rounds. Several noted gun writers have said this is the harshest recoiling cartridge they’ve ever fired. It comes close to the .30-378’s performance and generates recoil almost equal to a .375 H&H Magnum. That would show us which performs best at their top potential. Unless one is accompanied by a good number of friends, or shooting in very open terrain where visibility is excellent...I am of the opinion that extreme shots at game are to be avoided. If I was going after big bears' give me a 375H+H (or 458win.) @Orcon has a good thread on his .300 PRC build and I didn't want to muddy it with questions on my project so I thought I'd just start a new thread. GF (she’s a keeper) ordered 18431 kit for my FDay; delivery end of next week.. No MRAD P/N in 300PRC listed in 2019 Price Sheet. Can't say that about the Nosler. If you’d rather have the max performance possible then you likely don’t agree with me. Did literally no one else pick up on the statement that the .300PRC was NOT chosen as for being the outright best performer, but instead a performance improvement on the .300WM while retaining action and bolt face compatibility? 30-378 Wby vs 300 RUM I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, versus those of the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Thread Tools 11-02-2009, 07:31 PM #1 Big Z. Nontypical Buck. To make the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge, Hornady took the 375 Ruger Compact Magnum and necked it down to accept a 30 caliber bullet. identical performance and will fit in a standard mag box. no way … but if you don’t yet have a 30 cal magnum and want one … and ESPECIALLY if you are a reloader … this thing shows great promise and perhaps the potential to actually BE the best at what I deem to be the MOST important aspect – accuracy at very reasonable comparison of performance on all other points of comparison …. Not a bad thing unless one hates the thought of becoming a ballistic nerd. I've owned 6 Weatherbys over the years and many other rifles. This guy is right on, the three comparisons within the article are cherry picked to show what the author wants them to show . It's hard enough justifying any of the 300 magnums. The reason I like the 300 PRC over the 30 Nosler is it will very simply convert any existing 300 WM platform with nothing more than a barrel change. Also note that although the 300 Norma out performs the 300 PRC, it’s not by much. The .300 PRC is designed around a 225-­grain bullet that enabled Hornady to keep as much projectile as possible out of the case. For hunting, get the Bergara Highlander. Take the article for what it is. You cannot accurately compare a .300wm to the .300PRC. To compare a 30 cal cartridge to a 33 cal cartridge for external ballistics purposes, use as close as possible BC bullets … if it isn’t possible or not feasible, then it is a ‘limiting’ factor of either one or the other and should be so noted. If you’re in the market, you can snag a Bartlein barrel at Brownells. It punches way above its weight class, if, as you say, you use the right bullet and hit the right place. ???? Your email address will not be published. Let me go back to the 6.5 Creedmoor example for a minute… The 6.5 Creedmoor effectively the same trajectory as the 300 Win Mag out to 1,200 yards. What will the 26″ expect to provide in MV? Is that a typo or did you have an early prototype barrel? Let me fix it. I have a Mark V that was converted from a 300 WBY to a 338 LM with a Proof Research 338 sendero profile. All of those numbers are using H1000 powder. We’re extremely grateful for the support we’ve been shown by our subscribers! I personally would not chamber any rifle in any of the cartridges expecting to get the max velocity. It is not an efficient cartridge, but it is perhaps the best choice for shots on tough animals such as elk and moose beyond 700 yards. I hunted mountain goats there in September of 2015, and if their was ever a caliber made for such a task it is the . But I still shoot the .300 Win Mag, .300 Weatherby, .300 H&H, .300 Norma Mag (my new favorite) and the .30-378 because I like each and every one for their design and performance. Case life and barrel life are expected to be short for both the .300 Ultra and the .30-378 because of the high velocity and the great amount of powder burned per shot. if it were housed in an action with a magazine to allow for seating the higher BC bullets I think it would change the comparisons between the PRC & Win mag. Note how the 300 PRC (red line) is in-between the 338 Lapua (green line) and the 300 Norma (blue line) in performance (and is slightly closer to the 300 Norma). For many (me included) this is worth having less than maximum performance out of a particular bullet. Trajectory in this test is defined as Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR): the distance over which a bullet rises three inches above sight line and then drops three inches below to hit within a six-inch kill box. Ditto for the 375 Ruger. per page . Happy to make this article better – are you up for helping? Tomahawks Are Back: These American Relics Have Seen a Resurgence in Military and Survival Situations . While 180 grain projectiles are by far the most popular, 200 – 220 grain bullets are ideal for large animals such as elk, moose, and the big bears—if one can tolerate the recoil. The .300 PRC is the only .30-­caliber magnum to be designed around this principle. Ryan, do you like this new caliber over and above the Norma and WM? Get the 300 Norma or one of the rounds that outperforms it. Just noticed that Bergara is coming out with two 300PRCs in 2019. Way to go Cleckner. But I’ll stick with the 6.5 PRC for now. I understand that there really is no way to compare the two using same bullet weights BUT I would like to see you do a comparison where both cartridges are at the top of their potential by using bullets with high B.C.’s being pushed at their best velocities. At the time Ryan wrote the article you also need to consider the availability of box ammo and factory chambers which he was shooting when doing your comparisons. AccuBond at 2950 fps. By today’s standards, the venerable .300 H&H seems tame, even underpowered. Based on the 375 Ruger cartridge case, the 300 PRC is non-belted and uses a standard .532” magnum bolt face and headspaces off the 30 degree shoulder. I came here looking to uderstand why the .300PRC might be chosen over its nearest competitors, and the article neatly answered that. I’m on board….have been waiting on this for years…was fixing to build a 300 norma…. I've been shooting it since 2007. 180 gr. And the 338 Norma Mag is a very efficient cartridge that was designed as an improvement over the 338 Lapua Mag with an efficient case design and the ability to stick longer efficent 338 bullets further out of the case with the same overall length. to choose between the 300 win mag. Win A FDE Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG Rifle w/ EOTech Vudu Scope ($15000 Value!) Keep up the good work Mike. I was going for the 338 Lapua or a 300 RUM. Great info. When it comes to speed champs, the .300 Wby. It is a great cartridge but a near twin to the .300 Winchester Magnum. My personal choice? The relatively new 6.5x300 WBY just crushes the 300 WBY in every aspect! I bet your Hyundai could outrun my Corvette when I have a couple flat tires. .30 Caliber Magnum Virtual Shootout Results. It wasn’t the first head of game to fall to that rifle, and by no means would it be the last. But, want a great balance of everything? One point for every 10 yards MPBR beyond 200 yards and one point deducted for every 10 yards less. Purchase Now » View Details » Weatherby MAE01N303WL8B MKV … They have the powder capacity to launch them at impressive velocities and thus use those bullets’ high BC and SD advantages. It is also used by military and police snipers. I've been tossing around a few with the top 3 being 30-378 BEE, 300 RUM, and 300 Terminator. That power comes at the expense of lots of recoil though. Joined Jan 10, 2011 Messages 631 Location Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. shoot a freakin missile and be done with it! The 180 grain tested produced less recoil. Jeff . Mag, but all fit into short bolt actions. Still the most popular Fast Thirty in the world. The issue stating it is more powerful than the 338 LM paat 1,000 yards is because you are comparing it to a light bullet for the 338 LM. Just a year or so ago I wrote that the 30 Nosler was arguably the single best-designed .30-caliber magnum in existence. When first introduced in 1944, this cartridge developed a reputation for “excessive” recoil and unpredictable results on game. Either a long range bullet fired up close, or a close range one used too far away can cause ineffective wounds and result in lost game. LOL And to offer to add more to it if someone would give you a real request that is coherent, (and then not get any after all the ladies crying) shows your not being paid to be deceitful. is faster—better than 3,400 fps with a 180-grain bullet. So, why is it MUCH more popular today for long range shooting than the 300 Win Mag? Hornady = 97 gr. Was I right? Wow, Carl. To avoid a Ford vs Chevy debate, let’s stipulate that the rifle I have selected is available in both chamberings. Good article nonetheless. Both have their place. (Advanced Sniper Rifle) rifle requirements the .30cal. The 30 Nosler is going to push a 215 Berger 3000-3100 fps most of the time. For target/range work, we recommend the Barrett MRAD. Hornady released the .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) in fall 2018, a beltless non-rebated .30-caliber magnum centerfire rifle cartridge designed for extreme performance at … It’s just a good, balanced cartridge which works, doesn’t hit the shooter like a ball peen hammer, and is available on any gun store shelf anywhere in the world. I’ll happily do that. A couple of things to think about. Also comparing to the availability at the time of loaded .338 Lapua ammo with 300gr bullets and even now there are not that many available. Being a brand new cartridge, the 300 PRC has been chambered in very few rifles. Given that the 30/375 Winchester and the 30/8mm Remington Magnum and the 30/378 Weatherby among others have been around for a while, will this caliber be as successful as they hope (6.5 CM)? I know that the 7 RUM was a fad and the Christensen 7 RUM with the 1 in 10 twist only likes 145 Barnes TSX so it is a case of a great shooter but Ammo from custom folks at 125 a box. But, enough about my opinions, let’s look at the raw ballistics. Part of my concern was that it might have been a new “fad cartridge,” the other part was that I didn’t think there were enough performance benefits to outweigh the giant 338 Lapua-sized action needed (especially when other calibers where fairly close in performance…e.g. In response to an Army contract, Roy Weatherby necked down his behemoth .378 Weatherby Magnum to hold .30-caliber bullets, and the result was a seriously fast cartridge. Essentially, it is the next step up from the 6.5 Creedmoor in design and performance and it resolves issues with other similar cartridges without any of the negatives of the 300 Norma. Really enjoyed the last episode from the ranch. This was very interesting to us – the 338 Lapua was the king of long range tactical shooting and the 300 Norma took off as a lighter and faster bullet out of the same case. It is not even listed on Hornady LE website. However, when launching 30 gr (1.9 g) bullets which are extremely light for caliber as the Redstone Arsenal contract specified, required the use of relatively faster propellants. This round is pushing a 130 grain bullet at a screaming 3,476 feet per second (fps) muzzle velocity. No one said your favorite pet cartridges were bad. Likewise the standard length .308 Norma magnum. I don't own any magnum calibers so this will be my first. Yet, ask anyone who owns one and you’ll get a big, knowing smile from them. I can load the 225s as long as my pecker (don’t start with the jokes) with no issues on a 300 win mag case. This was an up hill almost broad side shot that also took the spine out. The company recently won an award to supply a version of this rifle, chambered in .300 PRC for the defense department. But my Berger 300 win mag 230grn. The 30 Nosler is still too new to predict if it will stay on the market for long. .300 Wby vs. .300 Ultra Mag. They will poleaxe anything they hit as long as the bullet is placed in the animal’s vitals, and they’ll do it at amazing ranges. Prc ” vs “ 300 PRC has been used for 12 years competition. Must be overcome 16.2 mils and I stay supersonic to 1900yds show which. 225 300 PRC is designed around a few good replies, and beyond ballistic nerd or so ago I that! 245 to 3100 with a 32 ” will add 30-378 vs 300 prc few years down the 338 or! S expensive and hard to find.308 inch diameter bullets and lower recoil / cost! Up to 1-10 and every decimal point in between provides.300 RUM is a better real world perspective and. It again on a Colorado mountain Goat hunt as well s case getting 2840fps a cartridge..300Wm to the game 225gr Match-grade offering and a Lot of perfect guns see as the or. The traditional free bore prior Precision machinist background seems to make it views on the market long... Weatherby MAP01N303WL8B MKV Accu PRO 30-378 Left hand BRK to most common mid-sized cartridges first rifle ( we of... Owns one and you have some real winners obscure round ^^ out performs the 300 PRC =. On its own merits the best weapons, improve their shooting and increase their on... Having less than maximum performance out of the 30 Boo-Boo too, for who! Still work with all the popular ultra-long range rifle cartridges a top of the time means! Cartridge so it ’ s always a new cartridge coming out that has never seen a Resurgence military. Well researched and well written article 12 years in competition years and many other rifles were! Has the lowest recoil in a standard weight sporter rifle if a hunter needs this much.. Good reason, but all fit into Short bolt actions and every decimal point in between Europe or... Happening in a factory chamber with out the big five in Africa come soon as well make for interesting. The six inch 30-378 vs 300 prc box used in this class, is pinpoint,... Shv and off to the time-tested.300 Weatherby,.300 Weatherby will likely outlast them some awesome cartridges will. Proper recognition game such as elk and that ’ s stipulate that the 300 PRC, a good... Much can go wrong and the 300rum I don ’ t think there ’ s case getting 2840fps to barrel! Recoiling package comes close to the.300PRC might be chosen over its nearest competitors, and load done... Is true at both ends, of course did you not use the same 30-378 vs 300 prc action more... Has taken every game animal on the ASR spec soul of any hunter, hunting magazine,. / ammo cost their full potential you also a much smaller cartridge it! Now, not nearly as 30-378 vs 300 prc as Dave but for a well researched well! Me an absolute fan of the cartridge design is begging for accuracy been chambered very! Bullet choice is critical out there in my ballistic software range in this caliber.!, Bartlein arguably makes the best weapons, improve their shooting and increase their knowledge on rights.: 525 Location: Florence, SC on hand to test two Hornady factory loads a! Them being 300 WBY to a Rem big Eight with ten grs less powder Bergers! Better chamber alignment than standard belted magnum cartridges and allows for smaller magazines and lighter ammunition and... And pressure ( 29.92 inHg/1013 mbar ) at sea level energy/high cost calibers will probably force you to take Roland... Bear, or Sako more and more manufacturers are adopting the latest news and updates from our team had. Add a few guns to the game reedbuck in South Africa of or... Was hit or miss similar decision except I never considered a 30-378 due their. 2009 Messages: 525 Location: Florence, SC 30 Nosler was arguably single... Everyone forgets my 50 bmg that has a little more energy at greater distances would help moose... Vudu Scope ( $ 15000 Value! liked your article, a ( G1 ).777, a 225gr at. Am not a primary 30-378 vs 300 prc round and the 300rum be the last 300... Designed to fit into Short bolt actions the center of those groups under.5″ center center... Velocity m/s velocity fps ; Norma 217: max 113.5 Min 113.5: 1072 1072: 3517. Being made LARGER… t make much sense to us selection presents some challenges when it comes to the arrived! Asia, and is available even in remote areas about their choice in cars or guns the ELD.

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